The International Institute for the Study of Women in Music

[The International Institute for the Study of Women in Music, founded by Jeannie Pool and Beverly Grigsby was active at California State University in the 1980s. The Institute's Library is now in Special Collections at the University's Oviatt Library and its catalog is available on line. Also there is an on-line catalog of the Aaron I. Cohen Collection. The on-line address:
The following text is from the Institute's brochure published in the 1980s.]

How did the Institute get started?

The Institute was chartered by Califor-nia State University, Northridge in 1985 to make available to researchers and scholars materials on the history of women in music, Including scores, parts, books, recordings and tapes of works by contemporary women com-posers from around the world.

It was founded around the generous gift of Aaron I. Cohen (author of THE INTER-NATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WOMEN COMPOSERS, published in 1981 by Bow-ker), who has given the institute all of his research materials used to compile his book, which includes information on more than 4800 women composers

What are the purposes of the Institute?

to encourage use of the Cohen Collec-tion by scholars, particularly in musicol-ogy and Women's Studies, for further re-search on women in music, through a scholar-in-residence program;

to expand the holdings of the collection to include new works by women com-posers, particularly of Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and Asia who are under represented in other U.S. collections,

to organize, promote, and produce various events to increase the public's awareness of the substantial accom-plishments of women in music, par-ticularly as composers, and to bring scholars together for the purpose of presenting and discussing research methodology and research;

to encourage performance of music by women composers by making new scholarships available to musicians and performing ensembles; and

to build a network among scholars and researchers involved in the study of women in music history.

What is in the Institute Collection?

The collection includes scores, tapes, records, books, memorabilia, and other archival materials related to the works and activities of women composers.

Many of the scores are of recent com-positions which have not yet been published or performed. Several of the works on tape are not available on com-mercially-released discs.

The Institute also contains the papers related to the International Congresses on Women in Music held in New York (1981), Los Angeles (1982), Mexico City (1984), Paris (1984) and Atlanta, Georgia (1986). In addition, newsletters of the various women-in-music organizations are in the collection.

What are the Institute's activities?

It publishes a scholarly journal, Working Papers On Women In Music, in coopera-tion with the International Congress on Women in Music.

Sponsors and organizes music festivals and symposiums. Some programs presented in the past include The Con-ference on Women in Music (1983 and 1985), The Festival of Music by Women Composers from Around the World (January 1986), The Colloquium on Mainstreaming Women in Music in the College Curriculum (September 1986 and October 1987), and the Symposium on Black American Women in Music (February 1987).

Hosts a Brown-bag luncheon series with special guest speakers who discuss professional careers in music.

Produces concerts of works by women- composers, often featuring out-standing women performers.