Dark Side of the Muse, Music of Deborah Kavasch, Cambria compact disc, released July 1999.

Jurasic Bird: Chamber Music of Virko Baley, Cambria compact disc 1077. Performers include Laura Spitzer, Miles Anderson, William Powell, Elissa Stutz and Virko Baley, released 1996.

Dreamtime Suite, performed by the California E.A.R.Unit, music of Virko Baley. Cambria Compact disc 1090, issued 1996. Reviewed by Richard S. Ginell in American Record Guide, March/April 1997, "There is a distinct voice to be heard here, at times a dark Slavic voice, with passages that slip in and out of an ambiguous dream-like state and tolling repeated chords that haunt the memory. Moreover, unlike too many contemporary works, this piece doesn't just go on and on only to stop arbitrarily; it has a direction and shape...a remarkable score that can take all that they [the performers] can give." (p. 46).

Music of Byong-Kon Kim including Choyop, The Seven Last Words of Christ, Epitaph, and Festival Symphony. Cambria compact disc 1046, issued in 1996.

Simple Requests: New American Music for Computer and Live Performers. Works by Chambers, Kathman, Lyons, Oakes, Stolet, Sung and Terry. Cambria compact disc 1088, issued 1996.

The Janet Lawson Quintet, jazz vocalist. Cambria Compact disc 1101, issued in 1993.

Peggy Gilbert and The Dixie Belles: Dixieland Jazz, 1986 on Cambria Records. Jacket includes extensive article on the All-Women's Bands in Los Angeles.

Althea Waites performs the Piano Music of Florence Price, 1987 on Cambria Records, C-1027. Includes the premiere recording of the Sonata in E Minor from 1931.

The Music of Ed Bland, 1987 on Cambria Records. Jacket notes include article about Bland by Pool. Re-released on compact disc entitled Urban Classical, CD 1026, issued in 1994.

Mischa Lefkowitz performs Virtuoso Violin Classics, accompanied by Brent McMunn, Cambria compact disc 1029, 1988. Works by Bartok, Debussy, Bloch, Prokofiev, Shchedrin, Shostakovich, and Ysaye.

The North Wind Quintet's Fantastic Voyage, arrangements of classics for wind quintet by Michael Kibbe. Cambria compact disc 1031, issued in 1988.

Music by Women Composers from Around the World, Cambria cassette, 1988, including works by Deon Nielsen Price, Kazuko Osawa, Haruna Aoki and Ruth Watson Henderson.

Lucille Field Sings Songs by American Women Composers. Works by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Miriam Gideon, Dorothy Klotzman, Florence Price, Patsy Rogers, and Nancy Van de Vate. Cambria compact disc 1037, issued in 1990. With pianist Harriet Wingreen of the New York Philharmonic.

The Sierra Wind Quintet, A Box of Views. Cambria compact disc 1044, 1990. Music of WIlliam Albright, Mel Powell, Alvin Etler, and Barney Childs.


"All-Women Orchestras," 24-minute video taped program produced in 1985 in the studios of Pacific Bell in Pasadena. Features interview with 81-year-old Peggy Gilbert and photographs of all-women's orchestras in California between 1893 and 1955. Host is Vic Montalban. Program distributed by the CSUN International Institute for the Study of Women in Music.

"Up From the Footnotes: A History of Women in Music," a slide show commissioned and distributed by Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity, produced in 1982.